Our solutions focus entirely around the IBM WebSphere platform, which gives you an internationally renowned and trusted platform on which to host your applications. With our help it can help you transform your online presence in to a trusted 24*7 go-to service with minimal service disruption.

By utilising industry recognised development practices, along with industry standard service management techniques you will be able to position your online service as part of your core business and be assured that the platform will handle your user traffic as your business grows.

Why IBM?

By utilising IBMs vast expertise and experience in the global IT products and services market, you get the best of breed software and services offering. The WebSphere platform is a best of breed middleware offering, with two specialist products we have chosen to develop, implement and support.

WebSphere Commerce

WebSphere Commerce gives you an out of the box platform on which to build your online store.

WebSphere Commerce is a fully fledged framework giving you all the tools you will need to piece together a market leading digital commerce solution. Not only do can you build a fully customisable storefront, but you can also enhance and extend the storefront to include new functionality. Also, as the framework is fully extensible you can integrate in to your product management systems, your inventory management systems, and your order management systems.

This platform is underpinned by WebSphere Application Server giving you a solid, reliable and performant mid-tier infrastructure to operate your store. By managing this as a service, we can give your business full confidence that your online store will be available and capable of serving your customers at all times.

IBM WebSphere Commerce is globally recognised in the digital commerce arena[Link opens in new window/tab].

WebSphere Portal

WebSphere Portal gives you a platform on which to build your portal solution, enabling the integration of many different systems into one space. Utilising Single Sign-On with multiple authentication mechanisms, this enables your users to access a single system, but utilising multiple systems behind the scenes, enabling your users to operate more efficiently.

Utilising social content, mashups, widgets and collaboration tools, your users can work together in one system to achieve fast results, strong communication and help your business grow.

WebSphere Portal also delivers a best of breed Web Content Management solution, allowing you to create, edit and publish content rapidly, ensuring that the right people in your organisation have reviewed and approved the content before publishing.

IBM WebSphere Portal is globally recognised in the horizontal portals and web content management arenas[Link opens in new window/tab].