Why are these services important?

Are you looking to develop a new site? We can provide a set of solutions to support your upcoming project, or provide the services you need to build your new site, and establish any software in a service model to support your business.

We can also review your current processes to ensure that you're getting the most from your platform and to ensure that you are delivering improvement and change to your platform in the most efficient way.

We focus our attention in three main areas to support your business. Development of new services, Automation of services, and the Infrastructure underpinning your platform.

Each area enables your business to operate at its maximum efficiency, and although we recommend that you use each of the services to complement each other, we understand that you can use each service in isolation to assist your business.


There are a number of time consuming tasks during the development and maintentance cycle. A lot of these processes can be automated, we have experience in both open source and proprietary IBM tools to help you automate these processes meaning your highly skilled resources have more time to spend on the more important tasks.


Our expertise in development means that we have a variety of offerings to our clients. We can offer development resource to you to develop and implement your business ideas in to your web and mobile channels. Using our knowledge and innovation with your business ideas and innovation we will work to grow your business and deliver tangible results.

We can also offer consultancy services, to review and enhance your development processes and practices. We will use our knowledge, expertise and experience in both agile and waterfall cycles to ensure that you are delivering in a well understood, robust and mature model.


Our knowledge and experience in WebSphere installation, configuration and Service Management, means that we can ensure that your platform is up and running as much as possible. By adopting ITIL methods and principles, we aim to maximise the uptime of your services, and ensure that the impact of any change is understood, minimised and mitigated as much as possible.