Why "expedio"?

Expedio, is Latin. From the meaning "I free my foot from a trap", our aim is to help you free your foot from a trap and to get your business moving forwards. To help you, our customers get the most from your IT solutions.

Our background

If you're looking to introduce IT in to your business, whether it's the Internet or using systems to help free up your most important asset (your staff) we can help. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and to set up an initial meeting.

We're not just here to develop and sell our systems to you, we can use our skills and knowledge to help you find the right partnership for your company. Developing software can be expensive, there's a good chance that we can help you find the right solution in the marketplace and help you implement it.

Where we are

We're based in Stockport, near Manchester. This gives us convenient access to the main motorway network, the rail network, and Manchester Airport, meaning we can reach many locations in a matter of hours.